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'Get a Job' (soundtrack) sings with fun, creativity and versatility

Barefoot Natives — Eric Gilliom and Willie K — return with the soundtrack album from the duo's 2011 comedy film. The local film was released on DVD last week so fans can enjoy the work in both formats.

The CD is a fine demonstration of the men's range as writers and recording artists. Willie K is the primary writer, but Gilliom's work also stands out. For instance, with "Maui Cruiser" he weaves together pop and rock and narrative poetry in describing a comically improbable car.

Willie K's versatility is found in the four originals he contributed. The likely local hit, "Huli Huli Chicken," is a catchy and commercial ode to the fundraising favorite — and a clever poke at local singers who affect faux-Jamaican accents.

"Eia La" and "Ke Aloha," written by both members of the duo, show the guys' affinity for the hapa haole and Hawaiian music of old.

Two Hawaiian standards, "Ahulili" and "Na Pua Lei Ilima," underscore their appreciation of Hawaiian traditions.

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